"Maggie brings along many gifts to her yoga classes; a genuine warmth, a desire to continue to grow as a yoga teacher, and an openness to suggestions and feedback. It is apparent that Maggie greatly values the integration of her students' needs into her classes. " - Joyous Bey, student

"I walk away from every class feeling calm and peaceful and confident in a lovely deep-seated way, like things are and will be all right. I’ve started noticing my breathing more in everyday situations and using deep breathing to calm myself down or relax. I now have a good coping mechanism for stressful situations [and I have learned] that in general, things are okay, and that sometimes all it takes to remember this is to reconnect with my own body." - Student, Healing Yoga Series

"Maggie's class empowered all levels and needs. Some teachers throw around Sankskrit without explanation - not Maggie. Her teaching was clear, direct, and ever adaptable. If I needed attention on my shoulder injury, Maggie mixed in appropriate movements. When I needed help finding a difficult pose, she came to me not only with years of training and experience, but with laughter and sensitivity." - Laura Bliss, student

"[After the healing yoga series,] I started making better decisions in other areas of my life. The teacher talks about staying grounded and facing fear and I try to remember that when my anxiety gets the better of me. [I have learned from yoga] to take care of myself, that it’s okay to lose my balance and that I can speak up if something isn’t working for me and adapt." - Student, Healing Yoga Series